Saturday, 20 September 2008

Beware of Milk from China

I think I will be stopping my baking for the time being. How sad. But there is good reason.

Not sure if you know the news, there is a big milk brand from China, which made big news these days because they added melamine to their milk and milk products. Just google and you will find it. This chemical is used to make plastic, and has killed 4 infants in China, making 6200 others sick. It is added to the milk and milk products to give the appearance of higher protein levels. This chemical can cause kidney disease, bladder stones, and cancer.

Starbucks in China has stopped selling milk and milk-based items in China. Being in Asia, Singapore is not spared from these too. It is a good thing that the Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority (AVA) of Singapore has conducted some tests on some products and promptly pulled them off the shelves. These are popular brands we are talking about - Meiji, Dutch Lady, Wall's ice cream etc. Though not the whole product range is affected, I will be avoiding these brands. These brands are not from Sanlu directly, but they contain milk from Sanlu. I usually use Meiji milk for my baking, though it is not mentioned that this particular milk is affected, I will not be taking any chances.

In today's papers, there is also mention that butter from Phoon Huat ( a local baking supplies shop) is affected. I buy butter from this shop, but the brand is Gold Tree and it states "Made in Australia". I just bought 3 blocks the other day, I better check first.

Throwing unused milk, butter etc and wasting the money is not an issue in exchange for our health. What disgusts me totally is the ethics of these people. There has been too many past incidents about tainted, contaminated food which are sold to the general public and I deeply suspect whether these people are humane. They can actually add inedible substances just to make profits???? And what is worse in this case now is that the contaminated milk has been brought up by some New Zealander authorities back in July. But it was covered up and no action was taken.

I have not been to China, and I have no intention to make a trip there without a need to. Ok, you can say that I am extreme, or biased. I agree that while there are many things in China worth visiting, or that the majority of the people are not unscrupulous, they do not get my trust with incidents like this occurring every now and then. Worse, with globalisation and China emerging rapidly in the manufacturing sectors, it is hard to have products which do not contain something from China. Even though I usually try to buy items from the more popular or renowned brands (and avoid China made products) , but how do I know the sources of their ingredients? Seems like we have to turn to organic products?

It is sad isn't it? What has human beings turn into? I cannot even imagine how one can bring himself to perform the action of doing something, knowing well that it can cause fatality. It's like serving poison to your friends, your neighbours, your country folks. I studied psychology back in Uni, but I can never comprehend how these people think.

On a lighter note, it's great that I have completed the Sweet and Simple Bakes this month, otherwise I would not be able to make it!


Maria said...

Gosh how worrying and what a shame you can't do any baking! Hey I glad you were able to make your Vanilla Apple Cake for this month's bake, looking forward to seeing your cake on the 1st October.


Bimmer said...

ya, it's a shame that many products might be affected. I feel so sorry for the children who have fallen sick because of the tainted milk.

Rosie said...

Oh what a worry for you and everyone! On the BBC news here in England it was saying about baby milk being affected - its shocking!!

Rosie x

kium said...

I bought "Gold Tree" brand of butter from Phoon Huat too, is it affected?


Bimmer said...

Hi Kium,

I called up Phoon Huat to clarify about the newspaper report, but they said their butter is from Australia. But I still see it being sold and people are still buying too.

Perhaps if it is not being recalled in the next few weeks (I assume AVA is could be testing it in recent weeks), then it should be ok?


kium said...

Hi Bimmer,

Thanks for your reply, other than butter, I'm also checking my milk choc.chips and I've stop baking my oreo muffins for the meanwhile ( due to the recent confusion ). I think its better to wait till AVA to sort out a list of what is safe and what's not.

Have a nice day.



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