Sunday, 15 July 2007

Peanut butter cookies

Today, I baked cookies instead of muffins. I baked peanut butter cookies. My sister is complaining that if this goes on every week, the whole family will get fat in no time. This was also what I warned dear last night, because if we have our own house in future, he will be promoted to my full-time guinea pig and likely to get fat. He is game for it, he wants to see if he will get fat or lose weight (means I am a bad cook and is starving him.. :p)
Back to the cookies. They do not turn out very crispy, just like the chocolate chip cookies I usually make. Well, but to be honest, I like chocolate chip cookies not to be too crispy. I like them to be more chewy. However, today's product is peanut butter cookie, which I had wished could turn out more crispy than they did.
The recipe only used 140g flour, and I spooned a small teaspoonful for each cookie. Still they turn out to be like the size of a butter cookie, those we buy in tins. I churned out about 60 cookies just by using that little flour.
It was not too bad, just that they are not crispy. That leaves to be improved. And since I am not perfectly pleased with them, I am not giving any away....and so that explains my own expanding waistline....
I now think that baking is a hobby which we should start when we are feeling skinniest. All the butter, shortening, testing of food is not going to aid any diet plans!

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Anonymous said...

We usually do a fork criss-cross on peanut butter cookies in the states.


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