Sunday, 17 June 2007

My cupcakes!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm back! OMGoodness, I am bouncing with excitement. I was about to take more pics of my cupcakes when the battery of my digital camera ran out...I will let it charge for 5min and then take more pics...though I have already taken quite a few during the class.

The class was fun! It was like a dream came true, or rather it was like living in my dreams!

Working on a big island kitchen top, with blocks of professional expensive knives, using Kitchenaid (OMG...I can't get more excited than using this...I have always yearn for it...will buy one for myself one of these days when I have saved $749)..using Scanpan pots, silicon bakeware (you know how expensive these are??), under light jazzy music, in rainy weather where the pitter-pattering of the raindrops make you float in a light romantic mood. It was nothing to complain about. Ok, maybe I am overdramatizing it...but how often now do I come back and blog about something that has just happened??

When I drove back, I was careful to drive slowly, especially when going over humps and bumps, so that the frosting on the cupcakes will still be pretty when I reach home. Ok, it is not much compared to those made by professionals, but I am really glad at the outcome. Only thing is, I think there are not enough cupcakes for me. I brought back 18 cupcakes, 6 Opera ones (with chocolate flowing from inside) and 8 Carrot with cream cheese frosting.

I loved every minute of it. From the mixing of ingredients, whipping, piping (especially excited at this, since I have always wanted to try at home) trying to steal secrets out from the teacher.

Just this morning, my dad asked my mum what's up with me, and I going to open a bakery? I hope so, but not up to mark yet. Maybe it's my calling..haha!

Bear with the for the number of pictures, I am totally thrilled. The joy of the baking process is always greater than the anticipation of eating it.

filling with chocolate ganache

all topped with frosting

my group and our cupcakes..mine's the tray in the middle

you don't always see my face in my blog, but here goes..beaming with joy

closer look at my carrots..

all home safely, looking pretty...ok beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder..

see the chocolate inside...the moist part..

my carrot!! ok, think you get the idea..


Edith said...

I chanced upon your blog. May I asked which school you attended? I read about your cupcake class 2 experience. I also wanted to know why my cupcakes turned loped sided too.

BTW, you have a great blog and I will definitely come back.

Bimmer said...

Thanks for dropping by Edith!
I learnt this at Palate Sensations. But this was quite a few years back, I don't think they have this course anymore.
Cupcake class 2 was at someone's home. I personally do not think it was worth my time and money.

Lopsided cupcakes are usually caused by uneven heat.


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