Monday, 18 June 2007

the bake goes on!

OK, so the baking frenzy is still on.

Yes, 3 consecutive bake days in a row. Yesterday was Muffins Day again - banana and walnut muffins, not premix this time. I made them from scratch.

Getting more and more satisfied, especially when I see the faces on my family members. My dad, he couldn't resist the cupcakes. He had a few carrot ones, and he really liked them. After eating the banana ones, he said the carrot ones are still better. Of course, they were made with professional help!

As for my sis, all things taste nice, because she doesn't know how to make them. Even the fried rice dinner I cooked last evening was very very nice to her.

My mum's words are probably the most honest one. The banana muffins are nice, the cupcakes nicer. And she thinks they look pretty enough to sell.

Hmm...still not quite to me...the colour is not even enough..

But who can blame them? I think their brains are so stuffed with muffins every week they can't think properly maybe...I think they are afraid of the coming Sunday...

oh, that reminds me, no wonder my mum seems to be 'advertising' the concert she wants to go to next Sunday....oh....didn't realise there could be a hidden agenda...haha!

But really, I am quite proud of my banana muffins. I had one just now, warmed a bit in the microwave. It was like comfort food!

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