Thursday, 27 September 2007

Quenching my thirst for home-baked muffins

i passed by a shop yesterday, called Little Sweet Things. They sold donuts and muffins. It was at a rather unquiet corner of a busy housing estate, and my colleague told me that sometimes, there are queues there. I looked at the signboard and a beautiful and proportionate muffin, so i decided to try some.

i bought 1 peanutella, 1 banana walnut and a double chocolate chip. Though I bought 3, I could not smell any of them, not even when I left the bag untied while in the car. Ok, i have to taste it first. They look rather nice, but the taste is disappointing. I tried some at night, and of course by then, it was a bit oily. But the thing is, the smell is not strong enough. I ate the peanutella this morning, and the rest was my mum's breakfast. Her verdict when she is back -- the muffins are not nice. She prefers mine. *a big smile with victory sign*

Since I was on half day leave today, I thought I had to come back early to bake something. Actually 2 nights ago I was already dying to bake something, but baking on weekdays is just too tight for time. So today, I quickly shopped for a while, and then came back to bake. Oh by the way, I bought a new toy for myself -- I got a new digital weighing scale! :D

I tried chocolate chip muffins. ok, sounds like nothing difficult right? Right, it is nothing difficult, just that I had overmix it a little and it was a little harder than usual. But i like the way the little fellows crack today. My muffins usually do not crack much, until today.And to be honest, the smell is nicer and stronger than the ones I bought yesterday, and I am not even using my more expensive choc chips today! I even bought a new plate (of course one of my fav brand!), to photograph the little fellows.

My mum came home, asking me which one she can eat. She found 1 of the little fellows, one which looked plain because its choc chips are embedded inside. She told him "you...i know you are the pathetic one...even if i do not eat you, you will still have no chance to be photographed because you are not photogenic let me help you out of your misery...i shall eat you up..." hahahaha.. my mum, talking to my muffins, she must be going crazy with the muffins i stuff her with. I made some big ones, and some mini ones, and here they are.

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