Thursday, 21 February 2008


I got a note from Maria (The Goddess Kitchen) that she has tagged me for a MeMe! It made me feel so good for a moment. I suddenly felt like "hey! I have friends from across the globe whom I have not met before!". The excitement lasted half a minute and then I asked my husband "what is a MeMe?" :p

I am a fan of the net and I spend as much time on it as I sleep each day, but how come I do not know what is a MeMe. Good thing Google exists, and I was also glad to find some instructions from Pixie's blog. It was Pixie who tagged Maria for the MeMe, and Maria tagged me in turn. It made me so thankful there is the existence of the foodie blogroll! I was anxious to answer the questions, but I hesitated for a moment again..."I dun think I know of 5 people to tag". I mean some of my friends have blogs but they are personal and the last thing I want, is to have many people flocking to their personal spaces. Anyway, I shall answer the questions in the meantime and think about it later.

What were you doing 10 years ago?
I was 19 and still in school! I was starting my second year in university. Would most probably be making daily trips to Uni, trying to understand lecture classes, sleeping in the library, or working hard to finish my tutorial homework at the last minute.....and occasionally dreaming that I could meet the right guy and get married at 25, have a 1st kid at 27, 2nd kid at 29...which, by the way, did not turn out exactly as dreamt. But I sure am thankful to be happily married though! And if nothing goes wrong, my husband and I will be having our own lovenest pretty soon!

What were you doing 1 year ago?
1 year ago, on this day, I was beginning to clear my annual leave and looking forward to my last day at work in my previous company. I turned down a promotion and decided to leave for greater exposures (or so I thought...)

Five snacks you enjoy:
Hmm...I don't really snack that much...I'm pretty disciplined in this aspect!

1) Dark chocolate and chocolates with liquor, lots of liquor!
2) Nachos with lots and lots of melted cheese
3) Strong mint flavoured candy
4) Marshmallow (especially when roasted over the bbq flames)...maybe not considered as snack but really very enjoyable
5) Ice-cream (Rum & Raisin, and Chocolatey flavours are my favs!)

Five things you would do if you were a millionaire:
In Singapore, tonight happens to be the annual big-amount lottery which offers 10 million dollars top prize!! The great news (to my manager) is that I did not strike and I will still be turning up for work tomorrow... :(

1) Redo the whole place for my upcoming lovenest. At present, we are buying second-hand, and intending to keep most of the furnishings done by the previous owner.
2) Go for a month-long honeymoon! Ok, I said I am married, but in Singapore, it is slightly different. I am legally married but I still have to go through some customary rites later on, plus a wedding celebration, and the honeymoon only comes after that. Most older generation folks view the customary rites as more important than the legal marriage contract.
3) Give part of the money to my parents, sister and charity.
4) While still keeping my present car, buy another one - my favourite brand of car - BMW. A 6 series would be nice!
5) Invest! Make my money grow some more and have a comfortable retirement plan

Five bad habits:
1) Cursing at others when driving, especially slow drivers who refuse to move out of my way
2) Losing my patience and temper with loved ones
3) Interrupting. Especially when talking with friends or family, and even more so when I am excited. It's unconscious..though I am beginning to change that now.
4) Not keeping my bakewares as soon as they are dry, and leave them on the table until my mum starts to nag
5) Nagging...yes my husband says I do, although I feel I am only "reminding"....maybe he's got a low threshold :p

Five things you like doing:
1) Taking walks with my husband and just sitting down to chat
2) Hanging out with my close friends and talk nonsense
3) Baking and cooking (and imagining that I am the greatest cook!)
4) Shopping (especially hanging out at household sections and looking at the same thing over and over again)
5) Playing games related to cooking e.g. Diner Dash, Turbo Subs

Five things you would never wear again:
1) High waisted skirts or pants.
2) Baggy pants. I wonder why I used to like them, made me look so fat!
3) Socks which are rolled down the ankles...not sure who came up with the idea to roll down the socks. it sure was much faster than folding down your socks, and everyone in my primary school did it.
4) My secondary school uniform. It's a renown school, but I've got someone asking if I was from the Red Cross..
5) Granny underwear

Five favorite toys:
1) my computer
2) my car (if it counts as my toy?)
3) I wish I could add a Kitchenaid to this list, but for now, it's my hand mixer
4) a Dinosaur soft toy given by my husband
5) my husband..haha

Whew! I had no idea answering these few questions took me an hour! It's amazing how much it made me think! Now comes the difficult part, who to send to.
I will send to these few people, who came up with wonderful blogs which I enjoy very much.

Aunty Yochana - Yochana's Cake Delight

Happy Home Baker - Happy Home Baking

Shiyan - Just me and my baking fantasies

Sandy - happy gal 88

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