Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Baked Miso Fish revisited

Since the first time I made this Baked Miso Fish, I have actually made it a few more times.
Every now and then, I would want to make this dish. Simply because it is so tasty and easy (note the bold, italic and underline).

But I never seem to get a good picture of it. One that does more justice to it.

Yesterday, we had this dish again and I tried (again) to take some better pictures, before we quickly sat down and gobbled it before it gets cool.

This is how it should turn out to be - slightly crusted sides.
Just for old times' sake, these were my old pictures (hides in shame). I think I hate them so much I actually deleted them from my harddisk, and I am one who almost never do that.

First time I cooked this.
Decided to take a (hopefully) better picture when I recooked it another time

I hope my new picture is a lot more appetising! It's not great, but at least not that hideous as before. The only thing I forgot was to drizzle a little of that juice on the fish before I kept the shutter down. The fish releases a lot of liquid, in a nice way!

So, if you have not made this dish, don't wait anymore!The recipe is here

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baobabs said...

aww, this reminds me of home. my mother used to make this alot when i was growing up. thanks for sharing, reminds me i should attempt this fairly easy recipe on my own!


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