Sunday, 11 November 2007

2 successful bakes today!

i had 2 bakes today.

i made my banana muffins again...well, because i want to really test out my scanpan silicon muffin tray, since i have to change the temperature and timings a little, whenever I use this pan. The muffins turn out nicer than the last time i made them. I ate them when they were stiff warm, and it was good that the bananas were not too mashed up this time.

as if i had not gotten enough of my baking therapy, i made lemon cookies. I was actually practising what i would make for christmas. so i made just the cookies without the decoration. i am not sure whether the weather and humidity really plays such a significant role here, but i really had hoped that my kitchen was airconditioned, because i had to work very fast with the dough, or otherwise return it to the fridge very quickly.

these are lemon cookies that i made, just like what was taught in the class. but the lemon flavour is not that strong...of course, the branded lemon essence used in class cost about 23 times more than the one i bought!!! today is the second time i make roll-out cookies, and my first successful attempt at it! you can imagine my excitement and satisfaction *grinning from ear to ear*
anyway, the comments today are very encouraging. all my guinea pigs were chomping happily. and i have decided i shall not bring any to share with my colleagues, like i used to do...because i need the muffins for my breakfast tomorrow...and also that...i really do like the taste of what i made today..hehe..

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