Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Sharing good stuff - Part 1

Facebook. Truth is, I do have a love-hate relationship with it. This post I am writing would usually go into my personal blog, but I want to share how I really discovered the magic of Facebook recently. The real magic.

Facebook, to me, until a few months ago, was a source of entertainment. It's a place where I get to play free games and perhaps fulfill dreams that I might not be able to do so in real life. You see, in Facebook, I am a great businesswoman. I run a cafe, a restaurant, a fashion shop, a chocolate shop and a bakery. Boy, what a  great entrepreneur! Some of my "businesses" have since closed down as I do a "corporate realignment" and decide to only keep my cafe and restaurant (perhaps I realise my true calling is in food!). It is amazing (and amusing) how much time I spend cooking in my virtual cafe and restaurant, while my real life kitchen is spotlessly clean with no cooking done. I shall not go into how I mentally schedule my real life activities around the virtual cooking, because I will not admit that I have an addiction. 

I hate Facebook when it becomes a nuisance. You know, the times when you see people writing utterly useless stuff on their walls or use their walls to brag. There are the brags who write things like "this is going to be a busy week" as if they are afraid people don't know they are busy working. Then there are those who write every single thought every few minutes like "what am I going to eat?". What the heck, who really cares about what you want to eat, how much milk your baby is drinking or how smelly they find the trains are (ultimate snob)? I seriously don't. I have filtered such people out because their constant updating of nonsense takes up my precious screen space and I feel a lot less irritated ever since.

Before you start judging me, the true magic is here. Facebook has changed how the world communicate. There are no boundaries anymore (and perhaps no privacy if you are not careful).

Recently, I discovered an old schoolmate. How I found her was accidental and it went like this: saw my friend comment on this schoolmate's wall -> curious about the comment -> checked out who it is (looking through photos and links in her FB page) -> checked out all her websites -> sent her a message in FB -> waited for an answer -> voila! We are communicating after so many years! Amazing!

The most exciting was, she is now a singer! Singapore has been having more and more home-grown singers  in recent years and I think it is putting us on the globe in a different light. I listened to her songs on her website and I really like them ! I'm not saying this because I know her, but because I really have a preference for jazzy and bossa nova stuff. 

What also made me happy was that she gave up her job to pursue her passion, something that many would not do in the crazy rat-race society we live in. She was thrilled to know that I was also crazy enough to give up my job to become a homebaker! 

This should be indeed uncommon of our schoolmates, since we unfortunately came from one of the top schools in Singapore, where academic results probably rank higher in priority than your life, where crazy students are known to have cried because they attained nine distinctions and not ten, where the principal wished that you leave the school so that you do not pull down the ranking of the school.

Sigh, without dwelling on how much I wish the academic system would change, I shall cut the long story short and share with you her music. I am sharing this not because I want to advertise for her, not because she paid me to, but because I really like the way the songs are sang. And did I mention she sings in French too? Being courageous silly myself, for choosing interest over money, I applaud her decision and courage.

Being a lover of old evergreen and classic songs, this song just blown me away. Belvyn's album is out in major record stores and also available online here

Oh, did I mention that she is also a wedding singer? Now, you know where to get a good one!

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