Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Banana mania

I finally satisfied my craving for bananas today. I managed to get some ripe bananas and made muffins!

I had to wait rather long for them to bake in my little oven, but it was worth the wait. It was a pity I could not find any nuts. These muffins are not as brown as before, but I still find them yummy. The bananas were very sweet! And I like them only lightly mashed, so that I can taste small chunks of them in every bite.

I baked half of them in my non-stick tray and half of them with my Scanpan silicone tray. The previous attempts with my silicone tray weren't too good...they turned out cracked on top and not too cooked at the bottom. I was about to give up using silicone trays...

However, I lowered the temperature when using the silicone tray and kept a close watch on them. I'm glad they turn out not too bad. This is the first time I am making muffins without muffin liners! A simple twist and they are out!

the 'clothed' ones, in their checkered pajamas

the 'naked' ones...

with small chunks of bananas

I am now looking forward to having them for breakfast tomorrow. Meanwhile, I will have a nice sleep.


Anonymous said...

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Maria said...

Your Banana Muffins look delicious!!


Bimmer said...

Semi and Maria,

thanks for your compliments! :)


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