Thursday, 22 October 2009

Random ramblings

I've been attending Wilton decoration course for the past few weeks. I was a little apprehensive about the course because I have already acquired self-taught piping skills. But I wanted the certificate, so after much thought and contemplation, I went ahead.

I already knew most of the piping basics in the past, through trial and errors, lots of research and through the godsend Youtube. But the course is good to correct some of the mistakes I make or to make me more aware of some important points to note. I was particularly looking forward to piping a rose. Seeing how roses always look perfect on Wilton website make me drool. I had tried it on my own before and got quite a good result. However, the Swiss Meringue buttercream I used was not stiff enough to stand tall and high like Wilton's. The class buttercream recipe provided to us for piping the flowers did not yield the same results. And the class buttercream tasted....not suitable for my palate..and many others'. For one, I do not like to put shortening into my body. Swiss Meringue buttercream will taste real nice, but it will not withstand our temperature. We really cannot have the best of both worlds isn't it? That leaves not much choice but to make roses with royal icing or fondant.

I am honestly, pretty disappointed by how my roses look today as compared to the ones I taught myself  by watching Youtube. Not that I am saying the course is no good though, don't get me wrong. My instructor reminded us not to get too distressed when we do not achieve perfect roses. Well, my fingers are cramped from the squeezing the stiff buttercream already, ok, I accept that the world is not perfect. Wilton's buttercream roses have "perfect" as their middle name and that probably does not belong in our normal imperfect world.

On a happier note, I bought some new stuff after class today. Went to a place which sold lots and lots of ribbons and they were so pretty! I saw how a simple ribbon can make a whole lot of difference to a plain looking box and thought I should try someday. Hope I don't get caught on a ribbon bug and stock up rolls and rolls of ribbons from now on.......

New paper liners as polka dots as well....though polka dots and pink colour have never been me! As far as fashion is concerned, I do not have a single pink clothing. I'd rather fuschia. But these were seriously hard to resist. to find some recipes to use that polka dot paper liners...

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