Thursday, 29 October 2009

Recently, we added a (power) blender to our kitchen inventory because the Signifant Other wants to make some smoothie. So we bought one, which according to the salesperson, has the most powerful and sharpest blade in the market. Ok. The next time this laptop crashes on me, I'm gonna throw it into the blender.

I was excited that we can make soy milk with it. Alright, it's not new, but it is to me! The pack of soy beans I have finally can be put into use. For every 125g of beans, I need to add 1 litre of water. I happily told dear that we do not have to buy soy milk anymore. It is so cheap to make our own and 500g of beans only cost a dollar. Which means for 40 cents, we can make 1 litre of soy milk. Right? Wrong.

I only ended up with 2 glasses of soy milk. The rest of the liquid just went to blending and ended up with the residue. Perhaps I did not sieve thoroughly too. In any case, I happily gulped down the soy milk, the smell of the beans and the goodness is irresistable. Those that we buy are really no where near. I'll make a second attempt soon and try to squeeze more out of my 1 litre of water.

In the afternoon, we went to watch THIS IS IT - the latest Michael Jackson movie which opens in cinemas yesterday and we had bought the tickets as soon as ticket bookings were open a few weeks ago. It shows clips from his latest rehearsals before he passed away. I had wanted to watch the very first screening but I had my cake decoration class, but that doesn't matter. Go and watch guys. It was just like watching his concert. I remember earlier this year, when I heard that MJ is making a world tour, I told dear we had to go and watch no matter how expensive the tickets are. His Thriller and Billy Jean acts never fail to impress me, and of course the rest of the songs too. His movements are so crisp and sharp, yet so fluid, it's simply perfection in caps. I had the urge to go pick up some hip hop moves after watching the show, but I shall stick to my pilates class first. All the dancers go through pilates too anyway :p 

I remember a cookie I made. It wasn't initially made with MJ in mind. I was thinking of the intials of my friend and her hubby. But after watching the show yesterday, I was a little filled with sadness and nostalgia. It's hard to believe that he is history already. MJ, this is for you. With love.

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