Saturday, 14 July 2007

cupcakes again!

i'm back from my cupcake class! so what happens when you pay half the cost of my previous class (i know I'm bound to compare)?

Instead of:

1) Bringing back 6 BIG cupcakes of 2 flavours each, I bring 3 SMALL cupcakes from 3 flavours each

2) Having aprons and boxes provided, I have to bring my own

3) Having a dishwasher in the classroom kitchen, I have to do my own washing of the equipment used

4) Having a 3 small groups of 3 pax in the class, there are 2 BIG groups of nine pax!

5) Having branded equipment to work with, I used non branded ones

6) Having an aircon classroom, I have a non aircon one (although the place was windy and has a nice view facing the sea)

7) Having cupcakes that rise nice and evenly, we have trays of cupcakes which all turn out loop-sided and no one told us what to do to avoid it (phew! good thing I already knew!)

Well, the crowd is different, the place and everything is different. I am seriously thinking whether there will be a second time for me here.

The reason why I am there today is to learn more different flavours of cupcakes and different types of frosting. There are not much tips to pick up, because honestly, whatever she says, I already know...and for the questions raised by others, I already can answer them as well.

I have earlier seen the pictures of the end result in the email ad of this place, and I had to admit I was not at all attracted by the look of its cupcakes. They taste and smell quite good nonetheless, but cupcakes are like human beings --LOOKS DO SELL.

The reason why these cupcakes I learnt today are not very professional looking is also partly because of the colour. All the 3 cupcakes I learnt today are black, or almost black, and so are the 2 frostings. Black on black does not stand out very well obviously. And the other reason, is of course, my lack of creative decoration skills.

I did not take many pictures of the cupcakes today because

1) they are not very photogenic

2) i don't even know whether i can say i made them. it was a hands on class, but because the group is so big, there wasn't much that I could do except to sit and let others do what they want to do.

I met 2 who look my age and have not baked anything before, so they are pretty eager to do things. I on the other hand, actually do not enjoy baking with other people because I want to do things MYSELF. And I cannot stand people who just want to spend time measuring exactly 200g of flour when they already have 198g on the weighing scale. This kind of people, I realised, pop up in every class. I think this is what I can call the newbie-kiasi-and-nonsensical syndrome.

I would say that seeing the recipes, they should taste quite nice. Actually I tasted one just now and it wasn't as nice as I had imagined (which was disappointing). I shall taste the rest tomorrow and try baking them myself some time soon. I can't wait to get my hands started on the one with nuts, bananas and chocolate.

Meanwhile, here are the not too photogenic pictures.

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