Sunday, 26 August 2007

my buns

haha! this is the first time i try to make bread. i always thought it is nice to make my own breakfast, so this is what i did exactly. last week i bought a cookbook on breads, so this week, i worked on it.
i remember making hotdog bun back in secondary school during home econs class, and i remember it was quite nice. i even ask my niece if the same recipe is still in the home econs textbook that she is using now, and of course it is not.
anyway, the preparation of the dough took quite a long time, because bread dough needs time to 'prove' or rather to let it expand and grow itself. i left the dough for more than an hour, it was supposed to expand to twice its size. the picture below was only when it was about 70% expanded. when the dough touched the surface of the clingwrap that covered the bowl, i opened it and started to work on it....but it continued to grow and grow and grow....
it was amusing. the dough never seemed to end. i was laughing a lot. i rolled the dough into small balls of less than my palm size and put them aside. but they just grew and grew....the dough in the bowl never seemed to get any lesser. it kept getting more and more and i wondered if i would ever finish my dough! i looked at the 'small' hotdog buns i had put on the tray, waiting to put them into the oven -- they had grown to look like a bandaged thumb! hahahahaha, i was really laughing so much it was so funny.
when the first batch was ready, as usual my mum and sis were the testers. mmm, it was nice. i took a bite, i must say it was quite decent for a first attempt. i am glad i tried something i never tried making before. i tried to replicate my fav Breadtalk 'porkrib' bread, and the pic below is my result. i only made 2 of this pattern...i tried to make them into diff shapes, and tried to make them quickly before the ever-growing dough grew bigger and bigger. my mum seemed excited at the task i assigned to her eventually -- coating a layer of eggwash on the dough. however, she was so much more generous than me at it, she coated the entire bun with eggwash, and they looked glisteningly wet. the result, the egg hardened and it stuck to the tray a bit.
i made 36 small tuna and hotdog buns, and there were 3 big ones. imagine...600g of flour, a bit of butter, sugar, yeast, salt, and i have so many buns!! it's a good thing my sis took 10 buns home for herself and her colleagues, my mum is taking some to her office for dad and her friends, i am taking some to office too....otherwise i will be left with the buns for BLD (breakfast lunch dinner) for the rest of the week..

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