Sunday, 17 June 2007

More blueberry madness

Last Sunday, I made the blueberry muffins again. Had wanted to make banana ones, but I did not manage to buy ripe bananas (funny how when you want ripe bananas, all those that you find are so green..). Btw, an important point. If you are buying the Betty Crocker muffin mix, get it from SS supermarket, and not "Auntie Lucy". SS sells for $4.50, and it is not because it is nearing expiry date. Auntie Lucy sells for $5.35!! That is $0.80 difference! A hell lot! I saw it at PH (the one selling bake stuff) and it is worse, they sell the same thing for $5.60!! So, go to SS, and they have a lucky draw now. Who knows you may win back 100 times your purchase!

Anyway, here are my babies..

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