Thursday, 8 July 2010

2-tier Precious Moments Cake

Last week, I made my most satisfied cake by far.

It was a cake to be done in pastel colours, which suited me perfectly, since I usually am rather light-handed when adding colours to my cakes and am not used to making dark coloured ones. Desarae's mum had a Precious Moments topper ready to add on to the cake and she also liked to have an arch and ribbon on the cake. 

Initially I made an arch with pastel pink and green fondant. It was a little like a braid. It was nice and sweet looking, I like it. Unfortunately, the fondant could not dry totally (it kept raining and was humid). I was afraid it would not be able to stay upright. So the day before the cake was needed, I made another one, with gumpaste. This time, no braid, just a single long piece of pastel green fondant. I stuck flower wire in it to make it stay in shape.

The top tier was a carrot cake and the bottom tier a chocolate fudge cake with ganache. This is also the first time I bake both cakes and decorate them all within the same day. I usually split them into 2 days. Though I am pleased, I have to practise making more my cakes more flat. They tend to slope a little and this isn't so nice for doweling.

I hope Desarae's mother and her guests enjoyed the cake. I wish I have smaller hands for making those tiny presents and ladybugs and there were bits here and there that could be done better. But I enjoyed making it and I could not help beaming to myself whenever I see it. This is what cake making gives me :)

Before the topper was added

Closer look at the mat I made with my embossing tools

Final look

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