Sunday, 8 July 2007

my carrot cupcakes

Today I tried making carrot cupcakes. It sure took a lot of time and effort..Grating carrots, jucing oranges to get the juice to soak raisins in....and of course the usual of making the batter and frosting. Took me about 4 hours to make 23 cupcakes.

Of course, they didn't taste as nice as when I made them at Palate Sensations under the supervision of a chef. I think I know what is the problem with them, and what caused them to be harder on top, yet still moist below.

Anyway, I made the cream cheese frosting. I had decided not to pipe carrots like before, because I do not have green food colouring (for the carrot stem). I thought I had orange colouring only. But when I started to add the colouring, I realised it was yellow and not orange. Goodness, really good thing I did not intend to pipe carrots!

The yellow was not going to be obvious against the rest of the white cream cheese, so I simply added a few drops of blue. Lo and behold! They turn out to be a nice green!

I piped some flowers and it was not easy. The tip was a bit not right and the flowers din turn out proportionate, but piping really need some practice.

The ones below are the more photogenic ones. See the one which has many piped flowers on top? Mum says it looks like a cactus. haha!


yapclick said...

I want to order 1 dozen carrot cupcake.

Bimmer said...

sure, how about some muffins as well?:)


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