Sunday, 22 June 2008

Oreo cheesecake

I tried making a cheesecake yesterday. I have not moved my oven here yet, so the only non-baked cake I can think of is cheesecake. And the only cheesecake I eat is Oreo cheesecake.

It's my first attempt, and I think it is not too bad. But I am not sure I am not able to smoothen it and make it look nicer. I wished I had bought more Oreo too. I sure will do that next time.

My sis and hubby said it was least that feels not too bad.


Maria said...

WOW now this is my kind of cheesecake. I've yet to make an Oreo cheesecake but yours looks absolutely deliciously tempting!!


Bimmer said...

You've been generous with your comments! I think I did not beat the mixture creamy enough though. Will try soon when I can take all that cheese again! Have been so much lately! :p


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