Thursday, 27 December 2007

Christmas cookie project finale!

I'm glad Christmas is over!! Ok, maybe not, there are 12 days of Christmas.

My Christmas Cookie Project is finally over! I am glad to have receive positive and encouraging feedback about them.

Baking more than 100 of these cookies with my humbly small oven is no joke, and frosting them takes few hours! I remember consecutive days of rushing home from work and baking trays and trays of cookies...and then next night was long uninterrupted 4 hours of frosting. Phew, it was tiring, but the results made me very satisfied. Ok, I know, they can be better, and I will make them better next time!

Enough said, here are some pictures. I gave my godbro the first batch and he told me that maybe I could add more colours. So i did that for the second batch, but the colours are rather pastel, so they may not appear very obvious in the pictures. There's actually green, white, lilac and pink in the second batch of cookies. There are other few star-shaped personal favourites, but I was too tired to photograph them one by one..

first batch of cookies - Ribbon shaped

first batch of cookies being cooled

second batch - more colours added!
personal favourite - christmas tree!!

another personal favourite!

I really hope that the recipients enjoy the cookies as much as I do. Merry Christmas!!

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