Friday, 7 October 2011

The search for best vanilla cupcake

For the longest time, I had been using Amy Sedaris' vanilla cupcake recipe (google it and it shows up). It was said that her cupcakes were voted No. 2 in NYC. Now, I am oceans away from NYC, so I don't know. But I think their tastebuds certainly differ from tastebuds here.

It was indeed not bad, don't get me wrong. But not as good as I would have expected either. 
It was a little too dense and too sweet for me. Still, other than tweaking the sweetness, I stuck with the recipe for a while. While looking and finding time to try some others. 

Then there was a day when I was feeling less lazy, I decided to try the Planet Cakes recipe. Actually it was because I borrowed their cupcakes book from the library and my loan was overdue, but I was still clinging on to it, reluctant to return it even though the library was increasing my fine by the day. But that is me. When I borrow a book, it usually sits somewhere for 1.5 weeks. Then 2 days before the due date, I scramble to finish reading it. 

So, when I finally decided to return it (the library sent me an email with "Final Reminder" as subject), I thought I'd better do something useful with it, at least to feel a little more justified in paying the fine.

I was glad I did.

The vanilla cupcake turned out better than the Amy Sedaris version, at least it was to me. 
It was not that dense, not that sweet. It came out nice with a small dome, perfect for decoration or even naked.

I had some IMBC (italian meringue buttercream, if you really need me to type it out. It's a handful, but just this time ok) on hand and made a few swirls and voila! Out came a few sweet little fellows staring at me and saying "eat me!". Sure I will! :)

It's a good recipe to keep so I am leaving it HERE. But for me, the perfect vanilla cupcake (in my mind) has not appeared. So the search continues.


JanH said...

For me it is chocolate or nothing. But, my husband and daughter love vanilla much more. This could be the one! I will let you know.

Bimmer said...

Sure please try and let me know. If you have come across other good ones, shout out to me too!


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