Thursday, 13 August 2009

I turn 30!

I had problems loading the Blogger page last night, so this post is a day late.

I turned 30! Ooops....but I see no need to hide my age.

Unlike most years, I did not take the day off from work. A few of my colleagues bought me small pieces of cake so that I can go home and share them with my husband. Perhaps they think I would be embarrassed at having to stand in front of a group and blowing out candles...which is true, I would indeed be embarrassed.

The cakes were small tiny versions of tiramisu, black forest and mango cake. They looked small, but they were the perfect size for a late night supper (since I had a satisfied dinner with my husband). So last night, I stuck a little candle in one of the cakes, sat in front of it, made a long wish, and blew out the candle.

No matter how I made myself feel, I could not feel as excited as I was young. I thought of the years when I would look forward to my birthdays, because I would celebrate at my aunt's house, and she would cook lots of nice stuff for everyone to eat. And at my own home, my parents would get me a cake and we would all go out for a nice dinner (we still do dinner now, but less the cake). Classmates and friends would give presents and birthday cards (in paper form, not in email or sms) and I would go home and read them over and over again...even if most of them contained more or less the same words.

Yesterday felt no special than other days. I received many birthday greetings - through email, sms, facebook...most of them from people I hardly know. My mobile phone service provider was the first to send me a birthday greeting, and I received many from websites which I do not even remember joining as a member. Most ridiculous of all, I receive a greeting from some birthday websites, reminding myself of my birthday. It's funny, what kind of world are we entering??


Anonymous said...

Many Many Happy returns Bimmer...hugs and prayers for you..

Bimmer said...

Hi Ann,
thank you so much!

♥Rosie♥ said...

Hi Bimmer, happy belated birthday wishes :0)

Bimmer said...

thanks Rosie!


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