Wednesday, 4 November 2009

I Scream, You Scream.....Old Fashioned Vanilla Ice-Cream!!!...with Oreos

Did I mention that I had graduated? I have attained my certificate for Wilton Cake Decoration Course 1! I'm really happy about it! This week I will be starting Course 2, so at least I can maintain the momentum.

Today, I made my first attempt at making ice-cream! I had extra egg yolks from making meringue buttercream and I had been wanting to try this ice-cream recipe for some time, so everything just fell nicely timed.

For a better vanilla flavour, I also used my first real vanilla pod. Well, I had always been using vanilla paste or extract. I bought this pod because I wanted to try my hand at making my own vanilla extract, but I never got down to it. This has now been put to good use.

I do not have an ice-cream maker, so I have to do it the old-fashioned way (the recipe is named 'old-fashioned' anyway!). It's not difficult, although it takes some patience to churn it every now and then. I added 3 Oreo cookies which I had been wanting to get rid off. It's just not my habit to chomp down 3 biscuits out of meal times, and I cannot only have 3 biscuits as a meal, so those poor fellows have been waiting to be eaten for weeks...or months. So now, I get to have Cookies N Cream ice-cream!

The end result? Creamy and smooth ice-cream with nice taste of vanilla. I love to see the vanilla seeds inside, just makes me feel like I am getting the real thing. I now feel the usual ones sold in the stores taste pretty crappy in comparison, unless you get some of the more expensive and better ones.

The recipe is simple and it is here. The only thing about it is, use the best ingredients you can find...good vanilla, good cream, fresh egg yolks. Why? Because that's the whole point of making your own ice-cream isn't it? Otherwise, you might as well go to the store and grab a tub.

Enough said, my ice-cream's melting...I gotta go!


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