Friday, 13 August 2010

Giveway results!

Thank you to all of you, ladies and gentlemen, for all your pie and tarts ideas! And your birthday greetings!

This being my first giveaway, I was so excited to see comments coming in everyday and I have never had so many before in my blog! I even checked the world clock to make sure it was the end of 12 August at every part of the world!

I have to say, there are so many types of pies and tarts that the ignorant me have never heard of. Like grasshopper pie and shoofly pie. This is interesting. When I saw this, I thought this has to be a joke. Grasshopper pie?! What does it contain? Dead grasshoppers??? Surely it must be something that you throw at someone you don't really fancy, right? And where do I even get that many grasshoppers and shooflies? Is shoofly really a type of fly? Google saved the day again...and my ignorance too.  Knowing that even Martha Stewart and Alton Brown do these "insect" pies gave me the peace of mind I needed.

Fruit pies are definitely on the minds of most people! To be honest, I haven't really decided what pie to make. Chocolate and banana combination never goes wrong. I like the tanginess of lemon and lime anything. Peaches sound good too. Rhubarb came up quite a number of times. The thing is, I have never eaten it in my life. I don't even know where we can get rhubarb over here. At the same time, I have a little craving for something savoury, with spinach and bacon...

And then it crossed my mind that I do not have a pie dish! I gave away one but my own Le Crueset is an oval dish. Haha, doesn't matter. I'm happy to receive all your ideas.

And so, congratulations to Katia, who posted the 32nd comment. I've dropped you an email! Hope you have fun making your pecan pie and share with us after it's done!

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