Sunday, 7 September 2008

Basic Muffins (with chocolate chip) - Muffin method

There is a weird relationship between me and muffins. It seems like we cannot get enough of each other and I am not sure why.

Yesterday morning, there was a chocolate bun for my breakfast. Yet, I felt I had to make some muffins. I have tried many muffins from local stores. Some of the best muffins I have tasted are from small scale bakery shops in neighbourhoods, instead of the the more popular muffin stores. There is one thing in common, many of them use a basic muffin recipe for most (not all) of their flavours and then just differentiate by adding different toppings. Not the best way to make tasty muffins, but definitely the most economical way for doing a business.

I have found many muffin recipes which I intend to try but I decided to go ahead with a basic muffin recipe. The muffin was moist and sweetness was just right.

I added chocolate chips to it, and though just-out-of-the-oven muffins are always nice, this muffin tastes better today, than when it was just out of the oven yesterday.


Maria said...

Your muffins look perfect and very delish.


Bimmer said...

Hi Maria!

thank you for your encouragement!


Anonymous said...

Your muffins looks so yummy.
The Mother's Day is coming up.. I thought I make with my sister some muffins to her. :)

Have a nice evening !


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