Tuesday, 12 August 2008

My birthday (chocolate) cupcakes

This evening, I came back later than usual from work. So, we had dinner later than usual. By the time we cooked, ate, and washed up, it was about 8pm.

Still, I wanted to make cupcakes. It was quite a wrong decision, in the sense that I stood there to make the cupcakes all night long. Making the cupcake and making the frosting is so tiring.

By the time I'm done with washing up (there's so much to wash for cupcakes! And so oily!), it was just nice, 11.59pm. When I snapped the picture, it was 12 midnight, MY BIRTHDAY!

Happy birthday to me!

I wanted to bring a few to the office for my colleagues, but dear said why give to the people who do not appreciate them? Let's keep them for ourselves, haha. It's quite true. He loves the buttercream....my colleagues would have scrapped them all off, even though I had already spread it very thinly.

*notice my silly penguins making their rounds again*


Maria said...

Happy Birthday!!

The cupcakes looks beautiful.


Bimmer said...

thank you! :D

keeping said...

Happy belated birthday Sandy!! :)

Your cupcakes are very beautiful

Rosie x

ARLENE said...

Happy Birthday and your husband is a wise man. She who scrapes off buttercream frosting is a Philistine.

Bimmer said...

Thank you Rosie and Arlene!

I had a wonderful birthday!

Teresa Cordero Cordell said...

Happy birthday. What a coincidence, August 12th was my husbands birthday too -- and he loves penguins. It's got to be an omen. I'll be coming back to your blog more often. Thanks for the great post.

Bimmer said...

Hi Teresa
happy belated birthday to your husband! And penguin candy happens to be the only things I have, it's such a coincidence!

Nazarina A said...

Oh they are so adorable and I bet tasty!!!!!Happy Birthday!

Chocolatiers #6248 said...

I love the Chocolate Cup Cakes,,Actually I like your whole blog,Very entertaining...

Bimmer said...

nazarina a and chocolatiers,
thank you for your compliments!

Bimmer said...

nazarina a and chocolatiers,
thank you for your compliments!

Rosie said...

Happy belated birthday!!

Those cupcakes do look beautiful :)

Rosie x


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