Thursday, 21 August 2008

Mango muffin flop

I like mangoes, and I bought 3 of them the other day. On that very night, I ate one mango...yummy and juicy! I kept the other 2 so that they would ripen more.

The next night, I decided to make mango muffins. Mango muffins? It was a totally new idea to me and I have never heard of it. But I found a recipe on the net and decided to try it out. That was why I went to buy the mangoes in the first place.

I wanted to print the recipe and then start baking. Of all times, the printer ran out of ink. So, I scribbled the recipe on a piece of paper with my antsy handwriting. You know how our handwriting gets worse nowadays when all we do is type and text on the handphone..but ok, let's not go into that now.

Excitedly, I cut, mashed the juicy mangoes, prepared everything according to the recipe and put them into the oven. The mixture was rather wet, I thought, but I went ahead anyway. Waited anxiously by the oven, hoping it would rise high. When it was rising, I shouted "it has risen!" Dear came to take a look and I said "come, share this moment with me!"...and we both stared inside the oven as if we were looking at some spectacular happening, hahahaha!

When it has slightly cooled, I tasted one. I was thoroughly disappointed. The inside was wet, though I had already extended the time. What am I to do with a 2-cup-flour mixture!? And I had another tray just popped into the oven, with 2 extra big muffins. The muffins were so dense, by the time they were all cooled, I was convinced that someone can get bruised if I throw the muffins at them.

Dear said it looks like the "huat kueh" (prosperity cake) that we usually use in praying to the gods. Not a bad idea, for once, the gods have a mango flavoured one, I said!

I checked the recipe again, and then read all the comments and reviews! Yes, I had forgot that someone had warned about the quantity of milk being too much, but I had forgotten about it.

Anyway, I took a picture of it, but I will not post the recipe until I have got it right...and I totally dislike the feeling of such flops. Feel so bad about wasting my ingredients.


Stephanie said...

That's too bad. It's so disappointing to get your hopes up over a recipe that you just KNOW will turn out wonderful, only to have it end up a flop. Hope it works better for you next time!

Bimmer said...

Hi Stephanie,

you're right, it's so disappointing. I should have gone with my instincts and added more flour to the mixture. That might have helped!


Anonymous said...

Bimmer: Fantastic writing style!! Well gee what's wrong with adding some delightful humor to such an unpredictable experience. I really enjoyed reading about that mango adventure.... as I'm about to take one of my own... wish me luck.

But hey isn't that the true fun of kitchen experiences? Letting yourself be creative and tying new things. That's how we discover the best of ourselves.

Keep at it. the baking and the writing that is. =o)


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