Thursday, 2 October 2008

Sweet & Simple Bakes - Vanilla Apple Cake

I am late I am LATE!

I baked this vanilla apple cake a few weeks ago, looking forward to the end of the month...and then in the midst of doing my stuff, I forgot about posting it!

Without further ado, here is my vanilla apple cake!

It is was terrific when moist and warm. My only regret is not putting more apples, as the apples shrank when baking. It doesn't look like the most beautiful thing, but it is one of the most comforting foods! Once out of the oven, it was gone in a jiffy! :)

The great recipe can be found here.


Maria said...

Hi Bimmer

Your cake looks absolutely beautiful!! It's so high and fluffy!

I have now added your cake to the round up ;o)

Thanks for taking part and hope you will join us again this month.


Bimmer said...

hi Maria!

thank you! I sure will join you ladies again this month! :D


Rosie said...

Your cake looks amazing Bimmer!! oooh I could just tuck into a slice right now ;)

Many thanks for partaking in this month's bake and great to read you will be joining us for our Halloween bake :)

Rosie x

Lisa said...

Wow, your cake is so high and looks so great! Very nice blog you have.

Bimmer said...

Hi Rosie and Lisa,
thank you for dropping by! :D


** said...

Mine isn't as tall as yours. Next time I will use a smaller pan.


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