Monday, 29 September 2008

I'm having withdrawal symptoms!

It feels like so long since I last posted anything, when I logged in just now, I forgot my password :p

The past days have been boring....more news of tainted milk and milk products. Brands were suspected of using tainted milk and had their products taken off the shelves..and the next moment, they are running full page advertisements in the papers to inform everyone that their products are safe for consumption.

It's actually the first time I feel so worried over tainted food. In the past, there had been issues with some food every now and then but I wasn't the least bit affected. Maybe as age catches up, I am more timid (my husband can vouch for that...want to see me turn into a different person? Just put a lizard in front of me...I jump as if it's a crocodile).

So, while I was holding on to my wait-and-see attitude on what to do with my butter and milk, I haven't been doing anything interesting the whole week other than to catch the world's first Formula 1 Night Race, held in no other than Singapore! Someone gave me a pair of free passes. Though the entry was for the first day of the race, where there were only practice sessions and qualifying sessions for the smaller cup races, it was a good experience. The result of last night's race, as the world would have known by now, was pretty unexpected to me, especially with the mistakes made by the Ferrari team. My support is always with BMW, but Kubica was nowhere in the top 3. I hope next year, someone can give me the passes to the actual races...and hopefully by then, the organisers have also improved on the crowd control and transport arrangements.

As people were still about the race today, I went for lunch alone. After I finished my plate of noodles, I passed by a shop which sells muffins and could not resist getting one to curb my withdrawal symptoms. I decided to get a mango muffin when I thought of my own mango muffin flop. It was ok, like most places, they used a basic muffin batter and then added cubed mangoes on top. But there was no mango fragrance, and it was disappointing in this aspect. But still, I am a muffin maniac, after eating the muffin, I went back to office feeling energized and felt super productive for the rest of the afternoon!

When I came home, I decided that I will bake something....something which does not require milk or much milk products. So, I made chocolate chip cookies. The cookie dough is now resting in the fridge. I shall keep it there for the next 2-3 days and then bake it when I do not feel so fat.

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