Saturday, 9 August 2008

Baked Miso Fish

For dinner the other day, I made Baked Miso Fish. I first tasted this dish in a chinese restaurant many years ago and has liked the taste ever since.

I like to eat fish, especially oily fish like cod and salmon, so this is wonderful. It was simple and fast, yet it tasted very good.

I got the recipe from a cookbook I have, but I adjusted the quantities of the miso paste and sugar.

The pictures could have been better though....when I took them out of the oven, I just snapped 2 pictures and couldn't wait to tuck in.

(afternote: I made the dish again and retook the pictures. They look nicer, but the fish skin was not crispy :( ...)
(afternote 2: I recooked this dish..again! Retook the pictures, it's less hideous than the one below. Revisit this dish here)

For the full recipe, go here.

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Anonymous said...

hey, it's also one of my favorite dishes, but it's a Japanese dish, not chinese. but yours looks really yummy. next time, i know what to get for you when i go back...
what kind of miso did you use, red or white?


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