Sunday, 7 October 2007

My first birthday cakes!! *so satisfied*

Yippie! I graduated yesterday, with a certificate of attendance for Basic Sponge Cake and Decoration class. The cert is in dear's computer, I shall load it another day.

In the class of only 6, there are all females, and we all stood there, making cakes, from 1pm till 7pm!! It was supposed to end at 6pm but I tell you, you can't learn from scratch to make 2 cakes AND decorate them in 5 hours! I haven't stood for so long in a long time!! I think the last time was when I was working at part time sales person in the PC show a few years back.

We did 2 sponge cakes, and decorated them. The class is not cheap, but was fantastic. It precisely taught what I wanted to learn. Before I attended the class, I tried making a birthday cake once, and it was a flop. I had a few questions about frosting, and the sponge cake itself. The class answered my questions!

Here is a vanilla sponge cake with blueberry inside.

It was supposed to be a Miffy picture. Ok I know. I have seen Miffy before and she does not look like this...You know why? We used chocolate to draw a Miffy and let it set in the fridge. The design I drew was actually like the one on the left in the above picture. But my chocolate design was too thin and did not come out of the plastic sheet, and thus could not be transferred to the cake. So, I have to use another classmate's Miffy, which was not exactly very well drawn...and I was lazy to fill a piping bag with chocolate just to draw a cross as her mouth.

For the other cake, we played with clowns. We practised piping. I think I was not too bad, because I had learnt piping myself beforehand, some months back actually, by always surfing the net. But it was really tedious to smoothen the cream on the cake. And for beginners, it is not easy, because once you have done the top, you realised the sides are need to be worked on...and when you have done the sides, you need to work on the top again. We were all very quiet when doing this part. And we did it 4 times in all (for the 2 cakes), so by the second cake, we were better at it already. :)

Here is the second cake! I like the pastel colours! I mixed them myself! This one has cherries inside, like blackforest cake.

The sponge cakes were really light and fluffy. You will not have the full feeling after eating it. It was too bad that the sponge cakes 3 of us made were deflated in the middle. That is because the 3 cakes were placed in the same oven, and somehow the temperature was not even. That's why it is risky to make more than 1 cake at a time, because the more you put in the oven, the more it affects the evenness of the temperature.

And here is a picture of some our my other classmate's efforts! Yeah I know the one with the boy looks cute. But there is only 1 stencil for that, so only 1 of us used it.

After the class, I went to my aunt's house. One of my cousin's son was simply ecstatic over the moon in Miffy Cake. He insisted on taking a portion of the cake home, and of course I was glad to oblige. The rest of the Miffy cake went to dear's and his mum's stomach, and they gave it thumbs up. The clown cake is for my family, and it was thumb's up too! So happy!! :D


edith said...

Interesting. I think once my girl grow older, I will have the freedom to attend such course. BTW, which school?

Bimmer said...

Hi Edith,
this class was by a lady who taught free lance. Unfortunately she is no longer teaching.

edith said...

Will you be able to share this recipe? I always had hard luck baking sponge. Tks

Bimmer said...

HI Edith,
the recipe is the one I used in my Classic Fruit Cake over here

There is also a chocolate version.

Good luck! :)


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