Sunday, 21 October 2007

Duo chocolate cupcakes (yinyang) with chocolate frosting

it's gonna be my godbro's birthday in a few days' time...and i thought ok, since I haven't been giving him any presents for years, how about making something this time?

so i decided to make yin yang cupcakes, with both white and black chocolate.

the frosting was made with some nice semi-sweet chocolate, with some kahlua...i coated a thick coat and then decided to melt some white chocolate to write 'Happy Birthday".

As you can see, the words look like of wriggly and ghostly. i thought they look more suitable for Halloween instead, hahaha!

So, with some sprinkles, and a silly looking penguin, i am set to give him this box of cupcakes tomorrow, hoping he will like them!

Next time, i will make buttercream frosting instead. I always think that swirls always look nicer and more elegant than chocolate frosting, of course, minus the ghostly words :p

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Willie said...

Very well done! I'm amazed at your baking abilities. The cupcakes were perfect for my birthday, the only pity is that there's too few, how about making the number tally with my age the next birthday? Haha..


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