Sunday, 29 July 2007

my 'task' is done..

the bake was over!

I actually did 2 trays on Friday night, but they turned out not good enough. It was my fault actually. I tried to deviate from my usual practice of using the measuring spoon to measure the flour, and measured by weight instead. Wrong move. 1 cup of flour is not equal to the usual 1 cup volume of 240g. They turned out hard. Dear thinks they taste more like bread than muffin. My sis was making fun of me, saying that if we fed them to the birds, the birds' beaks would bend...hahaha.
Saturday morning, I woke up at seven plus and brought out the butter. Then I went back to laze in bed for a while. I started work at about a quarter to 9am, churning out trays after trays of muffins. I enjoyed it. It made me memorised the receipe, and doing the same thing over and over again is really good practice. Because my oven is not the big ones, I need more time to bake. All in all, I took about 6 hours to churn out 54 muffins (2 hours in between to cater to some urgent personal matter), so in actual fact, it was 4 hours+ for 54 muffins.
I would say it wasn't too bad. The colour may look a bit dark, but I quite the moist taste. As usual, my mum and dear's comments were encouraging. Even the "hard as rock" type, dear actually ate quite a few. Ok, they are not really that much like rock, but I don't like them.
can't wait to hear my friend's comment tomorrow....don't dare to ask actually...I am not very confident...

standing orderly in attention
my 2 boxes of muffins for my friend, hope she and her guests like them...

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