Sunday, 1 July 2007

my first cupcakes

tried making cupcakes today. I followed what was taught, for the cupcakes and the chocolate ganache. The end result? Not too bad, except that the frosting was too sweet.

For the cupcakes, after the whole mixing process, I was afraid that mine would fail because the consistency of the mixture did not look alright to me. But it turned out fine, thank goodness!

I did not follow the frosting receipe taught by my 'teacher' because that involves too many steps. I tried another receipe, which flopped the first time, just because 'tsp' was wrongly written as 'tbsp' in it!

Wasted 120g of butter and 250g of icing sugar (which was actually to much and in the end made the frosting too sweet...I must tweak the dam* receipe), and so, I had to wait for my butter to soften again, and do it over again. It sure took me a lot of time and washing today. I spent about 3hours plus in baking about 22 cupcakes ( myself too! I was sweating so much today!).

Will definitely try again!

hot from the oven...uneven height...need more practise..

making 'wells' for the chocolate ganache

some colourful star sprinkles and strawberry sprinkles

not too bad huh?

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