Wednesday, 27 June 2007

Bananas in pyjamas

*yawn*....had sort of the most hectic day at work so far, and it has been 3mths 1day since I am in this company.

Remembering that I do not have breakfast tomorrow, I came back to do something therapeutic, although it was quite a rush. I knew I just had to start baking by 8pm, because it would take me about 2-2.5 hours to make my banana muffins.

Looks familiar? Actually they are dressed differently. Today they are in more tightfitting checkered clothing, waist probably about 16cm. The other day, they were wearing floral shirts, waist about 18cm, if you noticed..hehe.

Because of the smaller waistline today, I managed to bake 20 of these little scoundrels. The other day, I made 18. But as soon as they were out in the open, cooling down, 1 was quickly devoured.

Mum said the ones I baked the other day tasted slightly fluffier and more fragrant. Hmm...but I beat them more thoroughly today!

tired tired...going to bed now..bananas in pyjamas...haha!

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