Monday, 25 June 2007

in search of muffin tray, ended up trying others' muffins...

I went in search of my muffin tray today. I bought one which did not fit my oven (since my oven is not the bigger kind ones). So, yesterday and today, off I went in search of the right tray, armed with my measuring tape in tow.

I ended up not finding my tray, but with a new set of measuring cups, and a new large plastic box to store all my "worktools". The one I was previously using was a wee bit too small for my choc mould and it curled its edges a little bit, which made my heart ache.

But the day is not wasted. I chanced upon a new outlet in town selling muffins. It's at the basement of a pagoda-shaped building in town. I bought the promo pack, which was 5 muffins for $5, and a small pack of cookies free.

I soon tried the banana one. Another stingy one. The muffin was obviously based on banana essence, because there was only 3 small and thin slices of bananas in it. It tasted nice, but really, I know that amount of bananas would never make your muffins have much banana smell and taste. I honestly do think I make a better one than them. My mum thinks so too, and mine looks nicer.

Ok, so all their muffins crack at the top, which I think is how muffins should look like. But all their muffins also look like the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

You judge for yourself. I have yet to eat all of them, but I have to say they do not look aesthetically pleasing, at least if you want to sell them. But there is one good thing though, and it is that the muffins are not oily. They were packed in a cardboard box, and when I got home, there were just a bit of oil stains at the side. In this aspect, this wins the previous stall that I tried.

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