Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Trying out others' muffins

Qn: so, what do i do when i am not baking now?
Ans: Planning my next bake day...hehe
today, i went to bendemeer hawker center again, and bought 1 muffin from the muffin staff there to let my mum try. I had previously tried this stall, just to compare and try what others do.
OK, by the way, there is no craze about muffins. i just had enough attempts at cookies, and i bought many paper muffin cups, so I have to use them. Incidentally, I realise that baking muffins seem to give me a sense of excitement that cookies don't. When it rise, i feel excited, when it starts to emit a fragrance, I get excited, when it browns, my pulse starts to race, and when completed, I almost have palpitations. Next in line is breads and cakes.

Back to the bendemeer muffin. they look big, overflowing from all sides. they taste nice, but somehow I feel something is not to my liking. The texture of it. It is somewhat like a bit of cake texture, not the usual muffins, whereby when you poke with a fork, many crumbs will fall. And this muffin never cracks at the top. Maybe the colour of it does not conform to my usual muffin stereotype. But no, I don't think so. There is something that is "wrong" to me, but I cannot pinpoint what it is. But this bendemeer muffin is oily. It looks innocently healthy and dry, but leave it in the paper bag for a while, and the oil seem to come out from nowhere.
My mother tried. Conclusion, it tastes not bad, but she prefers the kind that I make. YEAH!! We share the same sentiments. It does not conform to our stereotypes even though it didn't exactly taste bad.

banana and nut muffin, which i had a bite off..and then remembered i had to take a photo of it. I did not like the fact that there was not much bananas and the bananas were sliced instead of mashed.

blueberry muffin

apple and raisin. I quite like this flavour, shall try baking this

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