Tuesday, 3 July 2007

Class is FULL!!!

I just realised today, that one of my pictures in my last post is wrong. Instead of showing my cupcakes cooling down, I showed my muffins cooling down instead! Can't blame me! They wear the same clothes and look the same!! Anyway, I realised my mistake, thank goodness.

One sad news though...the cupcake class I had registered for this Friday is full!!! And they have another session next Friday, if I manage to squeeze into the class as well....boohooohoooo.... :(

And I was looking forward to it so much I dream about it all day..... I was looking for containers to bring for the cupcakes, and thinking how my Tarepanda apron would be happy to be happy to be taken for a walk for once (we have to bring our own aprons to the class, you see...).

Sigh, well, just wait for news.

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