Saturday, 7 July 2007

just what I have been thinking...

my sister has eyes which only look out for muffins nowadays. almost whenever she sees muffins, she will buy for me to try.

The other day, she got one from a Delifrance, which costs only $1 but is superbig. Not too bad, chocolate flavour, except that you can only see that it's chocolate flavour, not so much of tasting the chocolate itself. The muffins cracks up on top, and is way above the height of the paper cup. It looks very much like a "huat kueh", if no one told me it was a muffin, and if it had not been blackish. If it were orange colour, we could have put it on the altar for prayers...hehe...change the menu for the deities once in a while!

Yes, I am going for class next week! Hopefully it will be good. I have seen the pictures of the place, and it is far from Palate Sensations, but then the price is also half, so I will have to half my expectations as well. Aprons are not provided, and you can BUY boxes from them if you do not have your own Tupperware....that is the difference. And of course, no beautiful kitchen equipped with branded and mouth-drooling kitchen equipment.

I have to manage my expectations, I'm a big sucker for fanciful kitchens!!

Meanwhile, plan for tomorrow....carrot cupcakes! Just went to buy my cream cheese this morning, but they have run out of cinnamon powder! An excuse for me to make another trip to another PH outlet! ok....i know there are cinammon powders in almost all supermarkets...but the one I went to this morning doesn't have!! So, I will just take an 'excursion' tour to PH again... :D

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