Friday, 8 June 2007

baking mood

i finished my last slice of bread today. but today i am in a baking mood, and i decided to make myself some breakfast for tomorrow.

so, even though i worked a bit later today, due to spending the whole day attending training class, i decided not to be lazy. So, off i rushed to the supermarket to buy a pack of blueberry muffin mix.

initially, i put the dough into little paper muffin cups, and into the oven (on a baking tray of course). after a while, i realise they are spilling all over the tops of the paper cups and getting all out of shape. i do not have a muffin tray (always thought they are a waste of money). luckily, i still have some of the aluminium muffin cups, so i put the paper cups into the aluminium cups, and back into the oven they went. they do not look very pretty, because all the dough that had spilled over, i simply put them back on top of the muffins. but they turn out smelling very nice, and tasting real good. however, since they are not photogenic, you will not see them here.

when the first tray was baking, i prepared the second tray with more intelligence (1 pack makes 2 trays of muffins), placing them either in the aluminium cups or more layers of the paper cups. there a few cute mini ones, which I 'kiasuly' put in 3-layered paper cups (on hindsight, i was glad i did that). in the end, the 2nd tray turns out nicely, and i was so satisfied. i think my muffins from previous tries never looked so good, thanks to the paper muffin cups i just bought yesterday, which can also be used when i learn to make cupcakes.

they tasted better too, and i know why. firstly, the milk i use is different from previous attempts, and secondly, i always never thought i like blueberry, so i had stuck to making chocolate chip muffins. never had i expect the fragrance of the end product to still linger in the kitchen, as if we had sprayed blueberry flavoured air fresherner (oops, i realize i do not know how to spell).

after choosing the more photogenic ones for photo taking session, i took a long time to decide whether i should bring some to my colleagues. conclusion was no, because i want to save the nice ones for dear. so i shall only give 1 to my colleague, since she always share food with me voluntarily and it makes me embarassed not to reciprocate. the rest of the taste-nice-but-dun-look-nice ones, are for me and my parents' breakfast, the rest of the nicer looking ones are for dear -- his present for our 6-months wedding anniversary.....haha! cheap skate....

see the small party bags i bought? they are also meant for cupcakes, but now i think they are so nice. i bought them from NTUC, costs $1.20 for 5. i shall go to PH to check out the prices again, and buy some more, so that I can put cookies as well.

more pics here

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