Sunday, 16 September 2007

Birthday without cake

Just in case you are wondering, I was not sitting around and neglecting my oven, although my blog has not been updated for a few weeks.

In fact, last week, I tried to make a birthday cake for my dad. Ambitious wish, since I have not made any proper cake complete with frosting. The end result, was nothing like a birthday cake you see in the shops. So, in case you see my cake and never want to celebrate any occasion with cakes again, I shall spare you the torture. You shall see only the sponge cake that was in it.....haha!

Yesterday, I tried to make double chocolate chip muffins. Ok, you see the word tried and you know the result. I did not even take any pictures of it. The first time I tried this damn recipe, it was too wet. So yesterday, I haved the amount of milk. Still there was too little flour and the muffins caved in a little in the middle. I was pissed at whoever shared the recipe, because there was defintely some mistakes in it. I was reading the recipe again and again before I began and I sensed that something was not right, but I decided to give it a second chance.

It was a wrong move and I wasted my ingredients again. They were edible, but not like muffins because they caved in. I had wasted my good chocolate which was quite expensive compared to what you get in normal supermarkets. On the bright side, the taste was quite nice, a very chocolatey taste. I had given my dear almost half of the total number of mini muffins, and I am left with about 20 of them. Sigh...gonna get fat again!

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