Sunday, 16 September 2007

to the Moon and back

Just now, I spent some time on the mooncake ingredients I had bought earlier this week. Mooncakes this year are so expensive! So I thought maybe I will make some instead.

The last time I made mooncakes was in 2001. That was when I first learnt how to do them. I remember making the baked ones and the snowskin ones. I will never make the baked ones again because there are just too many types of ingredients which you buy and use a little, and will never use again. Moreover, they are incredibly oily during the making process, not to mention the many steps in making them. When it comes to baked mooncakes, go buy them.

So, back to my mooncakes. I bought green tea filling (yummy, my fav!). The ingredients was just about enough to make 10, according to my rough estimation. In the end, I had about 13.

complete with boxes and trays
i compared mine (solely on looks) with another one my sis had bought for me at a famous hotel. I think my mould looks nicer! nope, there is nothing wrong with your eyes or your screen. Mine really does have pink streaks in some of the pieces...due to me trying to add colour at the wrong stage... :(

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