Sunday, 23 September 2007

the fashionable orange box

it is amazing how some people can make it look fashionable to be carrying an orange rectangular box around. today, i happen to be one of them, finally. i was at suntec and i saw this donut shop. i was not sure if it is the one at raffles city, where crazy people actually queue for hours to buy the donuts.

i stood closer to the store, read a notice on the counter and then realised oh, yes, this is the same shop. they have a new outlet at suntec city.

and it so happened that there was only 1 other person in the queue, so me and dear decided to buy some to try. i had only tried the donuts at the donut shop (one of the many donut shops which has sprung up around the island) at the shopping centre at bukit panjang plaza. theirs is not bad, but i cannot stand the service standard of the people, and that it is always being manned by inexperienced, unprofessional part-timers. im fact, i had sworn to myself i will (almost) never buy from them again.

anyway, dear was rather excited too, to my surprise. i was deciding which flavours to choose, when he said "i choose, i choose". wow, he usually leaves these unimportant decisions to me....seems like the attractive colours and appetising descriptions of the donuts really work miracles!

i only knew there was 1 flavour i had to try -- the cheese one. i am always drawn by melted cheesy stuff. as expected, dear bought others with chocolates and even more expectedly, with nuts. as we took a walk in the supermarket after that, i was careful not to tilt the box, so that the frostings on the donuts will not stick to one another. dear was teasing me about how i was treating them as 'my precious'..haha!

we ate 4 out of the 6 as soon as we got back. it was nice. i liked the cheese one. and the chocolates one. i feel that the dough from the donut shop at bukit panjang plaza is slightly better, but the frosting on this one is better, and less likely to cause diabetes. they are a joy to eat, partly because we were chomping down with eagerness. the other reason is that, looking at the layers of chocolate, it is hard not to salivate. no wonder they have become the nation's comfort food.

will i buy them again? yes! but will i queue hours to buy them? over my dead body!

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