Sunday, 15 July 2007

My Scanpan Muffin Tray!

It is quite strange how the GSS this year does not entice me very much. In fact, I have only bought a pair of shorts and a top from G2000 and that is IT! The rest of the time, I have been spending more on baking what-nots instead.

On Friday, I saw a newspaper ad on Isetan's 35th anniversary sale and it got me excited like crazy.

This is my purchase.

YES! My muffin tray! I have been contemplating for so long whether to get one, and here it is! It is not only a muffin tray. It is a silicone muffin's Scanpan....and it's $54.90...BEFORE discount!!! Thank goodness for Isetan's whopping 35% discount, it was about $35 after discount, and after using a $5 voucher, I paid about $30 for it. What a steal!

Well, but unless you are a sucker for such stuff like me, you will not understand why a muffin pan can get me excited and jumping up and down!

Next week's program: to start using my new muffin tray! Yahhooooo!

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