Saturday, 17 May 2008

Cakes and cupcakes

The other day I was having a conversation with a friend who claims she likes eating cakes and would try out cakes from different shops even though there was no special occasion.

The conversation then came to cupcakes when I saw there were cupcakes on display in the cake shop. This is not common here, to see cupcakes in mainstream cake shops. There are shops which particularly sell cupcakes, which people usually order for special occasions like weddings, birthday etc, but not in the neighbourhood cake shops.

I commented on why the cupcakes were sold at a relatively lower priced than other shops. Although the design was simple and uncomplicated, they were still cheaper, considering the fact that their usual cakes were not really on cheaper-than-others side. I somehow concluded that they could be testing the market as a start, because they only sold a small quantity, and not many people know they sell cupcakes yet.

The friend gave me a thousand and 1 reasons why she thinks the cupcake was sold so cheap. But most importantly, she gave a lot of reasons too, on why she do not like cupcakes i.e. they do not look appealing, they do not taste nice, blah blah blah. i told her it was because she has not tasted enough cupcakes (although I think I haven't too), and also she that she does not know how much time and effort it goes into every cupcake. It is even more tedious than making a whole cake. To cut the story short, she still stood by her own belief that cakes are still better, cupcakes not not nice (in taste and looks) etc. It was making me almost wanting to start a quarrel, especially when these comments come out from the mouth of someone who doesn't bake, and doesn't know how to bake. I am no expert, but ever since I picked up baking, I think I appreciate baked stuff more than before. It was pointless to ruin a relationship over cupcakes, so I stopped and changed the topic. I just hope she could just type 'cupcakes' in Flickr, and see how they would change her mind, isn't it?

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Pino said...

Although I have not tried your cupcakes, they look delicious...I will try to bake some when I finish exams (end of June).
It is fun reading you and I am sure I will try some of your recipes.


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