Thursday, 28 October 2010

What I've been up to

These few weeks, I have not been baking much for myself. I was baking for some orders, but other than that, I did not try any new recipes that I would like to share with you.

In fact, for the past week or so, things seemed to have gone down a little much.

First, there was the much-hated haze, which resulted from burning of forests in Indonesia. That made skies all gray, gloomy and sad for a couple of days. I wonder if London looks like that, since many people say London always look gray? If so, how do Londoners keep their spirits up?

Then, I seem to run out of things to write. I look at my blog and think my photos suck. I try to take new ones and think they suck even more. I almost wanted to hate my camera, but then I know it's me, not it. 

Next, we changed the aircon in our house. It was a much anticipated move since the old one was dying. Especially with the haze, we had to stay indoors and without a working aircon, it was really frustrating. When the old aircon was replaced, there was a little repainting to be done, not to mention lots of cleaning up. Ironically, now that we get really cool air with the new aircon, we had thunderstorms for 2 days and the haze is gone! Not that we are complaining though.

With the haze gone (for good, I hope), my spirits are lifted again! I decided to share with you some sneak peeks of a cake I have done for a website photoshoot.

It was supposed to be for a featured article on a popular website. But I do not know when the article is out, and suddenly, I keep thinking "what if they decide not to feature my cake afterall??"

Here are just glimpses of what I did. I'm pretty happy with it, because I spent a lot of effort on the flowers. In fact, I could not find petal cutters of this size over here, and ordered them from Amazon UK, together with an acrylic cupcake tier stand. But I don't know what's wrong with my hands. The roses that came out just are not as big as I would like them to be. The shipping charges also killed me but I just couldn't get over the excitement of having a DHL man knocking on your door with your parcel. It made me feel important for that few minutes he was there asking for my signature, how silly of me!

Anyway, here are the sneaks on my cake.

Side view

I hope to get bigger far, these are biggest.
Will shout if the article comes out!

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Anonymous said...

Nice! Happy new year to everyone, and a great 2011!


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