Sunday, 4 November 2007

Xmas cookie decoration

I went to Shermay's cooking school today for a cookie demo class (it is a DEMO class...all the cookies below are NOT made by me...not yet..). I had planned to go for this class since weeks ago, but had forgotten to register. On Fri, when I realised that the class was going to end today, I frantically called up and hoped that they could squeeze me in. Thankfully, they could.

It is not the cheapest demo class around, in fact it is pretty expensive...but you are assured you'll learn from the experts. I had met my objectives of wanting to learn about fondant, and royal icing, so at least I am not wasting my fees...hehe...but it was disappointing that we only got to take home 3 cookies after the class.

It was fascinating to see how the cookies turn out so pretty after some icing! And the uncreative me will find the suggested designs provided very useful indeed. I am already planning on what Xmas gifts I am going to give this year...hahaha

for your guys who will eventually get these from me...aren't you lucky??!! It's very time consuming and painstaking to come out with a batch of pretty cookies like these! So if you do get some of these, be thankful cos' it means you mean a lot to me! :D
Please pardon the blurred picture below, it is not doing any justice at all to the cookies. They are really beautiful and made in class by the chef. You can click on 'my baked stuff' at the side toolbar of this blog to see more (blurred) pictures... :p

what we get to bring home..
p.s. I finally get to go to Pantry Magic! I bought a small silicon spatula, which I found pretty useful after I went for the sponge cake class earlier on... :D It really makes me happy whenever I make new additions to my worktools!


Willie Chan said...

In case u didn't realise, we've been visiting your site to await updates. And we're all awaiting hungrily for your next delivery of goodies! Haha!

Bimmer said...

No problem! Hang in there! I am already working out a baking schedule! :)

diana said...

hey sandy! nice blog you have! i'm about to write my post on jocelyn's class... mine is going to have a totally different perspective than yours though... anyway, keep baking please!


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