Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Yoohooo! Christmas cookie project in progress!

I'm back!! the past month was just....ermmmm...not so nice. there was abt 2 days without a computer (it felt like many months!) and days when my pc chose not to behave...and of course, days which i felt lazy to do anything.

from the past month till now, i did not bake anything! there was a lizard in the kitchen and i was too afraid to open the cabinets. i melted some chocolate and put them in molds though. But I did not take any photos nor written anything about them, because they are..well, nothing to shout about at the moment.
this week, i have started on my 'christmas cookie project'. my camera is not with me. I had taken some not so nice pictures with my handphone, but Blogger is refusing to cooperate with me right now, so the pictures shall come later! :D

1 comment:

Willie said...

Well done christmas cookies! You could do with more colours for the next batch.
And probably make a baby as well.


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