Saturday, 10 September 2011

August and September updates

August came and went. Which means my birthday came and went too.

No cake for myself? Nope.

I had made great plans for my own birthday cake actually. I was planning to do a big one. A 2-tier one. A square one, so that I can decorate the 4 sides differently.

I had a lot of sketches in my mind. Full of designs that I had wanted to do. Designs that I had wanted to try but was afraid to. Now was the the time to show the world what I can do, I thought!

When that week came, everything seemed to take its priority.
Ok, actually the everything was excuses. I was also out on most days and that left me with not much time to leave for doing fondant decorations (see, told you I'm really good at giving excuses right?). In the end, I just took that week to relax pretty much and on my birthday itself, had a great feast. And after midnight, that day was just over, like any other day.

September came and my dad's birthday came.
Again, no cake from me.
Again, I could picture the cake I wanted to make (if I did made it).
But my family went for a feast and then that was it.

But before we left for the feast, I brought something to show my family what I had learnt recently.

It is a pair of japanese fondant figurines that I had learnt. I did not have a cake to place them as toppers, so they were just standing as they were.

They were not as perfect as I would like them to be. Far from perfection actually.
And there is always something about making hair which I simply can't get right.
Look at that 1950s hair on my guy.
He's screaming deep inside to be more fashionable looking.

I told my family to throw them away after they are done looking. But my mum was so sweet, she said it was a waste, so she displayed them at a corner of the living room.
Alright if she wants to, because these little guys were already standing on my dining table for a week before that and I was a little sick of seeing them everyday. 

There's another reason.
Take a closer look at the girl.
She has this silent killer look about her beneath that fake smile.
Don't believe me?
Look at the super long scar at the right of her face. :P


Astin Kirby said...

My goodness, they are so cute. Love your blog, wish i were as skilled a baker as you are.

Petunia x

Bimmer said...

Thanks for dropping by Petunia.
You totally flattered me!
These are not that difficult to do, I'm sure you can do it much better really!



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