Sunday, 3 February 2008

warm and comforting..

the past days have been stressful, mentally and physically, not only for me, but for the Significant Other as well. what can be a better comfort than home-baked stuff? besides, don't they always say the way through a man's heart is through his stomach? think this statement is not exactly should be "the way through anyone's heart is through his/her stomach".

on friday, i came home after work to have a quick dinner of instant noodles, and then baked a banana and chocolate cake. it's not exactly those creamy's the crumbly type of cake. bananas are my favourite!

I haven't baked for some time and I laughed at myself at some points when I felt like I was starting to get disorganised. it was as if i had not been doing it for years. some things really din go that well.

firstly, i thought i had walnuts. well, i had. but they were mouldy. so, into the garbage bin they went. i added the remaining of my raisins, which were not exactly substitutes for the walnuts, but i added them in anyway.

secondly, i did not add as much chocolate chips as i did the previous time i made this. somehow, Uncle Scrooge kept appearing in my head, and instead of using 100% Hershey's choc chips, i used 75% Hersheys and 25% choc chips from a local store. Result is of course, the chocolate smell is not as fragrant as before.

thirdly, i did not have my camera with me. i used my handphone to take a few pictures and they turn out blur and lousy. Ok, it's an excuse, even if i had my camera with me, my lack of photography skills may only yield slightly better looking pics.

in any case, when i took the cake out of the oven, i took a bite about 10min later, and it was just so comforting to eat some warm, freshly baked stuff! i took some over to the Significant Other's place. He was so happy that i baked something, and even though the result this time is really not as good as the previous time i made this, he still had praises for it and ate it as if it was the best food in the world...and that melted some of the tension that had built up within the past week. phew!

i doubt you can see much from the pic, but here's it anyway!


Maria said...

I love banana bread and it is definitely warm and comforting and perfect for any time of the day. You have a lovely blog here ;o)

I've linked you to my blog.


sandy said...

Hi Maria!
thank you for tagging me! Actually, I am a fan of your blog too! :D


Maria said...

Hi Sandy

I've tagged you for a Meme. Check my blog for details ;o)



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