Saturday, 26 January 2008

Added good stuff to my blog....

Hi hi!

To those of you who have not noticed, I have added a blogroll to the right hand side of my blog page.

It's really great! I remember the first time I saw this blogroll, was when i accidentally chanced upon the food blog of a local blogger. From her blog, I went on to visit many other blogs and discovered many like-minded people like myself!

Now, I finally have it included in my page, and I also have my own blog added to the blogroll, thanks to Jenn who maintains the blogroll. It's really fantastic. With that, time spent surfing the net will only increase...or if you happen to sit in front of your computer and don't know which site to go to, just do these steps:

1) place your mouse cursor over the sliding bar of the blogroll,
2) close your eyes,
3) hold your mouse for as long as you like
4) move your mouse just a little to the left...

and voila! There you have, another interesting blog to read!

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